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Troon Dog Walker - Happy Customers


Sharon has walked my westie a few times now and she's great. Always responsive, accommodating and even sent me some pics and video of him enjoying himself. She also gave him a very thoughtful gift of treats at Christmas! Would definitely recommend her and will continue to go to her when I need Max walked.

Karen Shanks


karen shanks


nicola hair

it was so good to know that my kitties were in good hands when I was on holiday. they were looked after perfectly and the regular picture updates were amazing. I wouldn't hesitate to use Sharon again

Nicola Hair


Sharon was amazing walking my 3 dogs at short notice while we went on holiday. She went above and beyond to ensure they were well taken care of while we were away and kept us in touch with our babies throughout. I would highly recommend Sharon and her services! X

Christina McGuire


christina mcguire


Ayrshire Dog Walkers

People use dog walkers for many different reasons. It could be because of health problems, work commitments or just time pressure but the one thing that anyone looking at this testimonial has in common is that we all love our dogs. I would want to know that the person who was going to be in charge of my dog was responsible, kind hearted and would treat my dog with the love and care that I do and that's exactly what get with Sharon Doherty. Sharon is very down to earth and you will see that as soon as you meet her. So do your dog a favour and I'm sure that your dog will love her as much as my dog does.

Carole in Kilmarnock


I do not know how my life would be without Rabbie. Since my husband died, Rabbie has been my constant companion, my guard and given me love without end. Since I had my hip operation I have been in constant pain and I was getting worried that I could no longer give Rabbie the long walks he needs and because I don't drive I thought it would be difficult to get him to the vets if something went wrong. My daughter has moved to England and I hate to bring her home to help me but she found out about a caring and loving woman in Troon. Sharon came out to my house and the first thing was that Rabbie went to her as if he had known her all his life, you can't get a better sign than that. When I explained what I was worried about Sharon was excellent. She was kind and understanding and took account of what Rabbie really means to me and what he needs. I am on a pension but Sharon was so kind and we have become firm friends now and Rabbie is so happy and so am I knowing that he is getting a good long run in the woods or sometimes down at the beach. Sharon has now started S.D. PawTrails offering her services to people like me. I cannot recommend her highly enough! What she does goes beyond money and work, she is a wonderful woman and now a good friend to me.

Wilma in Prestwick


Monkton Dog Walkers


Dog Walker in Dundonald, Ayrshire

Say hello to Shenzough or Shenz for short. I actually thought Shenz had some form of doggy ADHD. She was a rescue dog and almost went back to being a rescue dog but luckily I found S.D.PawTrails and got some help. Shenz needs absolutely TONS of exercise and structured exercise at that, with fetching the ball, shouting commands at a distance and running the full length of fields and back. I didn't realise that without this type of exercise she was getting restless and anxious at home.

Because I have quite a demanding job and work odd hours I wasn't giving Shenz the time she needed. The good thing is that S.D.PawTrails give Shenz exactly what she needs to be a happy, healthy and good dog.

S.D.PawTrails in Troon - 5 stars - brilliant value, polite, always on time, knowledgeable. Have recommended to family and friends.

Robin in Dundonald


Troon Dog Walker - Happy Dogs


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